Tiffin services in Thane

Veg Tiffin Services

In this world of competition, not everyone gets time to leave home early to cook and eat, which results in often going out to a Catering & many a time we end up waiting hungry and staring at the other person eating there.

We went on a mission to keep you healthy in a pocket-friendly way and did not have to look too far. We found our healthy knight in shining armor - healthy tiffin services, that deliver piping hot, scrumptious meals at your doorstep, keeping in mind your nutrition requirements, your eating habits and the best part is they deliver it at your time of lunch.

Veg Tiffin

Our regular meals consist of the right food in the right proportion. While Indian food prepared outside is likely to be oily, we ensure low oil. A typical meal will have:

  • 2 Sabzi
  • 3 Chapati
  • 1 Rice
  • 1 Dal
  • 1 pickle /salad
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