Tiffin services in Thane

Non Veg Tiffin Services

In this world filled with Online restaurant Ordering, if you're one among those that prefer not worrying about 'What to order everyday' and choose homely meals whenever you are feeling hungry, then this post is simply for you. There are countless tiffin services in Thane that provide home-made food at a reasonable price.

Keeping things interesting, they try out different cuisines and are all about putting seasonal produce to optimum use. Our speciality is our seafood, and always happy to serve the seafood in tiffin. We also provide nonveg tiffin service at affordable price. Order the Best and Healthy nonveg food.

Non Veg - Fish/Chicken

Our regular meals consist of the right food in the right proportion. While Indian food prepared outside is likely to be oily, we ensure low oil or no oil in our foods. A typical meal will have:

  • 1 piece Tandoori Chicken / Fry Fish
  • 1 Fish Curry / Chicken Curry
  • 3 Chapati
  • 1 Rice
  • 1 pickle /salad

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